Jesus Christ, M.B.A.

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An illustrated satire, detailing the re-emergence of Jesus Christ, in the 21st century. How will “He” fit in with those who claim to practice his gospel? Will the modern world accept him into its fold? All this and more in “Jesus Christ, M.B.A.: A Gospel for Our Times” by Donn Weinholtz, Illustrated by David Weinholtz.

Donn Weinholtz is an emeritus Professor at the University of Hartford. He is a convinced Friend (Quaker).

David Weinholtz is an Artist, Illustrator, and Educator, with 20+ years dedicated to Community Building through Workforce and Business Development, Education and Training, and Political Campaigning. View more of his work at:

Chapter 1: Morgan Goldman

Chapter 2: Occupy Wall Street

Chapter 3: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Chapter 4: Mayor Mike

Chapter 5: The Daily Show

Chapter 6: The Evening News

Chapter 7: The O'Reilly Factor

Chapter 8: The Campaign

Chapter 9: Maria

Chapter 10: The United Nations

Chapter 11: The Mob

Chapter 12: Afterwards

© Donn Weinholtz and David Weinholtz, 2022. All Rights Reserved