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Friendly Leadership: Humanely influencing others to seek positive, mutually rewarding outcomes.

There are many definitions of leadership and some authors devote pages to parsing the differences among them. Instead of doing so, I am stipulating the brief definition shown above. It is clear and simple, and it contains a moral component often missing in leadership definitions. It emphasizes humane behavior and mutually beneficial results; thus, logically ruling out criminal activities, as well as legal, but crass, self-interest. Leadership can be examined from an amoral perspective, as did Machiavelli, but I won’t be doing so, here.

Also, “to seek” indicates goal–oriented behavior, without stipulating success. One can lead well, but still fail. Success often depends on the resources and obstacles encountered along the way, variables perhaps well beyond a leader’s control. It is important to acknowledge that serendipity often plays a critical role in group achievement.

“Friendly Leadership is substantial in its wisdom and features brief stories and ideas for “humanely influencing others to seek positive, mutually rewarding outcomes.” In the slim volume, Weinholtz offers an overview of servant leadership and concisely advises readers how to make their groups more welcoming to diverse members…

Friends new to leadership theory as well as those looking to sharpen their skills would find this book informative, clear, and easy to read. Also included is an appendix on managing meetings over Zoom.”

Friends Journal, June-July, 2023 p.50

Friendly Leadership
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About The Author

Donn Weinholtz is an emeritus Professor at the University of Hartford (CT). Over 29 years, he served the University in various capacities; directing the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, serving as dean of the University’s College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions, chairing the Faculty Senate and sitting on the University’s Board of Regents. He also taught graduate courses in professional ethics, statistics and research methods, as well as undergraduate courses in Leadership and American Studies.

Donn is a Quaker, active among Friends in Hartford, New England and the U.S. He has served as clerk of Hartford Monthly  Meeting and on New England Yearly Meeting’s Permanent Board. He was the founding editor of Friends Association for Higher Education’s online publication, Quaker Higher Education, and has twice served as FAHE’s clerk. He is currently one of New England Yearly Meeting’s representatives to Friends Committee for National Legislation.

With his wife, Diane, a science teacher and school principal, he has co-facilitated many Help Increase the Peace Program (HIPP) trainings, including working with approximately 2,000 teachers in Rwanda, Africa. Diane and Donn are the parents of three grown children.